Yoga and's where I found my freedom. 

I founded Balance & Brews® in 2014, after hosting multiple successful yoga & craft beer workshops.  Originating on a brewery floor in downtown Cleveland, B&B is an invitation to enjoy yoga out of the studio, paired with community and responsible indulgence. The brand has enjoyed an evolution both locally and nationally. A talented network of dedicated teachers and an inspired staff now host events in multiple cities at breweries, coffee roasteries, wineries, and distilleries under the names Balance & Brews® and Balance & Barrels®.  

When I teach B&B practices, I ask you to unroll your mat and release your mind in a place unexpected.  I create experiences for a mixed-levels crowd that demands presence from all. The unity of a group practice is deepened when you get to know your fellow beer yogis (and industry professionals) off the mat, over small batch brews.

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The Beer Yogis is a collaborative effort between my yoga pal Mikki and I. We first joined forces in 2015, with a mission to unite by yoga and beer. We've since paired up for multiple cross-country tours, creating yoga and beer experiences across the US.

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