color your world with chakra pop yoga: the inspired, imaginative, vibrantly colored yoga experience.

chakra pop yoga is a mixed levels yoga experience, appropriate for all levels of practitioner. The chakra pop flow combines yoga and color, transforming a physical study of the seven main chakras - wheels of energy along the length of the spine- into a bright, vibrant, one of a kind experience. 


Be a part of the community yoga event of the summer: chakra pop yoga, a celebration of movement and art, color and community!

The chakra pop event is a mixed levels yoga experience, appropriate for all levels of practitioner. You'll explore a color-filled story of the chakras, as told through vinyasa yoga flow. 

The chakra system is a network of energy centers in the body. We'll study the seven main chakras that follow the length of your spine, from root to crown. You'll learn a little bit about each chakra as we flow...including the colors associated with each chakra, via pops of color!

Your 90 minute yoga session will include a centered meditation, flow, chakra education, and an extended and restoring final rest. You'll leave with an understanding of how to relate to your own chakra system in body, mind, and spirit. 

Registration also includes your choice of one chakra pop color packet for our post practice celebration of color (yes, it's going to be a legendary photo op!) plus access to our color warriors who will pop you with color before and during practice. Extra color packets will be available for purchase. 

Event instructors: Melissa Klimo-Major, founder of Balance & Brews® and Erika Whites, co-founder of Elements Studios™

Venue host: Red Space @ the Hotcards Building, 2400 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114

Event beer sponsor: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

save your hard-earned dough AND make a solid commitment to yourself: we have a team of over a dozen local teachers assisting as color warriors for this event. check with them to see if they're a warrior- and snag their discount code to save $5! 

hint: check out our color warrior roster to find your teacher. 


The story of chakra pop.

Melissa first introduced color into a 2015 Balance & Brews event, and in 2017, it evolved into a full chakra experience at a Balance & Brews retreat with Jackie O's. It's debut was co-taught with good pals and fellow instructors Erika Whites and Alyssa Gustwiller.

Through chakra pop, MKM looks to embrace our western culture's modern, creative demonstration of what a yoga practice is to us today, while still honoring her responsibility as a teacher to highlight and spread the powerful roots of yogic studies.