Hi, I’m Melissa Klimo-Major, MKM for short. I am an experienced registered yoga teacher and continuing education provider. I have been a dedicated practitioner for over 12 years, and have been teaching for almost seven.

I have spent the past few years of my teaching career specializing in mixed levels event yoga, and I want to share what I’ve learned in successfully creating flows that empower all levels of practitioner, often in unconventional spaces.


My story.

My introduction to yoga began at home, with a series of 20 minute sequences I would do every morning as a way to find better life balance. A friend soon took me to my first studio class, where I became a regular student. I was drawn to my first yoga teacher training program after I lost my mom in 2011. She was dependent on oxygen her last few years, and my wish for her was simply to be able to find her own breath again.  

My mission.

That wish lived on. Encouraging every student to honor each breath became my mission in teaching. With each new breath, anything is possible.

My specialty.

I came into my yoga practice in a time and place that was heavy into the hot power yoga scene. It was never my style, but it helped lead me to my speciality– creating spaces and sequences that are empowering for any level of practitioner.

As a new teacher, I taught small groups and beginners. I taught foundational flows and super chill gentle flows. I taught students who had been injured. And by communicating with my students about their needs, I went home after every class with something new to research, knowing that these opportunities were making me a better teacher. I learned as much from my students as I hope they learned from me.

In connecting to these early diverse communities, I also learned to adapt group practices to suit whoever showed up for each practice. My priority was to do everything I could to ensure each yogi in the room knew that they belonged– in whatever body and state of mind they were in that day. With that understanding, we could stay focused on our collective mission: connecting to each breath.

My education.

My first training was a 300 hour program in Mentor, Ohio at Awaken Yoga. In 2014, I was accepted into Tiffany Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine advanced training program, where I am currently pursuing a 1000 hour level certification. In 2016, I completed an online 300 hour course in Advanced Yoga Psychology with Ashley Turner.