my mom is the reason i became a yoga teacher. 

my yoga practice started casually at home, with a dvd set i found on amazon. it took a couple of years for a friend to convince me to make it to a studio. clearly, it was a good fit. 

around that same time, my mom ended up with a life-changing blood clot. over the next few years, it created many complications for her, eventually leaving her on oxygen support 24/7 for the rest of her too short life. 

as i was working regularly towards finding a deeper connection to my own breath, i was witnessing my mom lose her connection to hers. when she lost her breath completely in 2011, it was the pivotal moment that led me into my first yoga teacher training program.

with mother’s day coming up this sunday, she’s of course on my mind a lot this week. and there’s no neat resolution to that situation. any day of the year, this hole can be tough to handle. it’s extra tough when the calendar throws it in your face. 

so this year, i’m choosing to travel back. about 150 years back, to the roots of mom’s day:

holla, 1870 and julia ward howe. julia wrote the ‘mother’s day proclamation,’ a call for peace, and for all citizens of the world to own the responsibility of taking care of each other.

well, shit, current day 2018. that level of mothering is a NECESSITY in the world we live in.

if you have- or are- a mom, may 13 is for you. you deserve the honor for all you do, and continuing to do it is what will make a difference in the world. 

but for those of us that can’t physically hug our mom this or any sunday, maybe this is our call to respond to. our mom-less boat is dumb. it’s dumb, and it’s not fair. but not fair compared to what? we’re not entitled to anything. so let's think bigger than ourselves, and let's own our responsibility to take care of the world. 

but that sounds huge and exhausting, right? so think of it this way: if you had a million pound cookie, you could not eat that cookie by yourself. but if you took a bite, and you asked your friends and peers to take a bite, and they told all their friends who told all their friends, then together, hell yes, you can take care of that cookie.

on this sunday, may 13, let's eat that cookie. in whatever size bite your hunger is craving. if you’re looking for inspiration on how to take action, share this post with a friend, buy someone a cookie, or check out a current favorite of mine:

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