six travel tips for responsible roaming.

living like a yogi doesn't end when you roll up your mat. follow these six tips to incorporate your yogic lifestyle into your travels. 

off the mat yogi tip #1 | be present.

no matter where you go, it’s impossible to see it all and do it all. the only option? surrender to that reality! don’t cram. don’t make inaccessibly huge 'must-see' demands on yourself. set and control expectations within your financial and time budgets, then be completely present in every land, with every person, place, and thing.

off the mat yogi tip #2 | be flexible.

things change, even the most carefully executed travel arrangements. remember that you can only control the things you can control - but you have the power to let go of the rest. when plans change, be flexible, and find trust. trust that you’ll end up somewhere equally (or even more) awesome.

off the mat yogi tip #3 | be open. 

you say you want to travel for the cultural experience. now that you’ve said it, you need to do it. 

do your homework before you go. educate yourself. and when you get there, engage with all your senses. start conversations. ask questions, and truly listen to the responses. educate yourself with first hand accounts. promise, you'll fill all that open space with more experiences, connections, emotions, and knowledge than you dreamed possible.

(want a first-hand account of the magic of traveling with an open mind and heart? glimpse into my once-in-a-lifetime cultural travel experience in cuba.

off the mat yogi tip #4 | be your intention.

intentions aren't just the words your instructor offers at the start of your lunchtime power flow. intentions should be going everywhere with you. especially when you commit to travel. do you know why you're going where you're going? there's no right or wrong, but it's a question you need to be able to answer. 

after you set your why, set your budgets, and make sure you allow space and money for spontaneity. because the things that fit your true intention are going to find you. and you’re not going to want to miss them.

off the mat yogi tip #5 | be responsible.

we’ve roughed up this world, friend. and we collectively have to take responsibility. the small changes add up, including learning to travel with care and respect. travel lightly. literally. don't travel with crap you don't need. every excess pound of 'stuff' uses precious resources to haul around. and every creature comfort you leave behind provides you an opportunity to grow- and remember, it's all only temporary, anyway! 

exploring group travel is another way way to save resources AND money - while gaining all the amazing personal growth benefits. when you travel with a group you can share rooms, transportation, AND experiences - those priceless souvenirs that don't add any weight to your luggage!

off the mat yogi tip #6 | be worth it. 

that's not an ego statement, it's root chakra basics: your right to be. you're worth the experiences you dream of having. measure your worth in the intangible things you value. consider your investments. and when you commit, COMMIT. go all in. because, you’re worth it. you have the right to be. 

wanna roam responsibly? hit the google. find a trip that makes the butterflies in your belly start to flutter, then reach out to the organizer and ask all the questions to make sure it fits your needs and is worth it for you. 

wanna travel with me? check out my upcoming travels here, then ask me all those questions, too! hit me up via email or with a comment below. 

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3 things i learned in mexico

a mexican travel photo journal.

a mess of photos from our spring trip to tulum. but first, a few quick things we learned in mexico:

1. mezcal tastes best from a bar swing. probably, anything does, and when pulling a swing up to the bar is an option, you take that, every time.

2. when seeking directions, if a local tells you to look for a gate, trust that he means 'look for a gate, guys' not 'look for a couple of ropes tied to some tree trunks, guys.' (see photos in sian ka'an gallery below.)

we first thought it was mildly entertaining how lost we got in the mexican seaside jungle. later, we left town and found out from some locals in merida, a larger (and super pleasant) town in the upper yucatan state, how unruly quintana roo is. no one owns it. and everyone wants to control it. and it will be fought over until the guns or drugs win. 

lesson: until next time...don't go wandering unmarked property.

3. you may travel somewhere, and the tsa signs may tell you you CAN carry on duty-free liquor. and so, you may buy three bottles of mezcal.

but these signs are only half-true. properly sealed, and packaged in clear glass, you can carry on as much as you want. but if you want stoneware bottles of mezcal, no. no, those aren't making it through on your carry on. those will sit there at the tsa checkpoint looking all innocent as you yell and carry on to the agent, but he'll just blame mexico.

then, eventually, he'll soften. he'll say it happens all the time and he hates it every time. and when you say 'cool, but what about this time, and right now, and us and, like, our only souvenir?,' he'll say 'i think you have time to check the liquor and make it back through.' we'll argue that no, no we don't, and the only thing worse than losing three bottles of alcohol would be missing our connecting flight.

he'll soften even more, and walk us back to the ticket counter so we can check our liquor. he'll wait for us while we sit on the floor like damn harry and lloyd, bitching and definitely making a scene while trying to figure out how to fit three fragile bottles of liquid into a bag that was never designed to be checked. we'll eventually figure it out. he'll walk us back to the front of the security line and be like 'dumb and dumber were in my line and had to check a bag and i need them back at the front so they don't miss their flight.' 

we'll thank him profusely. he seriously rocked his job. we'll make our flight. but i'll miss a meal, and i'll be a raging beast on the plane because of it. 

lesson: joke was actually on us. that mezcal we fought so hard for is super smoky, and not our favorite. so, if someone wants to build me a bar swing in my kitchen, there's a bottle (or two!) of smoky mezcal in it for you...

gallery #1 | tulum. beaches and bicycles. tourists and...more tourists. that cenote life, though...a girl could get used to that. 

gallery #2 | sian ka'an. a magical biosphere reserve, just a short hitched ride from tulum pueblo. here, there are no crowds at the ruin sites. the locals speak spanish. you take matters into your own hands when you climb the extremely rickety mirador AND when you assume a couple of ropes tied to some trees must be the 'gate' you've been directed to look for to get to the boats that take you to free-float through natural canals... #worthit (seriously. if you're in the vicinity, this is a 100% must do. wear that life vest like a diaper. do it.)

gallery #3 | merida. land of private swimming pools, and lots of alcohol. 

we left tulum in the pursuit of pink lagoons and pink flamingos. you'll find none of the such in this gallery, but it was still a damn splendid good ol' time. 

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do it. or not. and here's some reasons why you should(n't)

the 2018 firefly trips to latin america are rolling up quick- and with the 2017 cuba excursion being only a month away now- i was thinking about how we make these big decisions. decisions to boldly say yes to this kind of life-changing travel. i bet the questions and answers that rolled through my mind in the planning and committing phases of these 2018 trips were similar to the ones that might be rolling around in your brain now, so let me share 3 reasons TO go on a yoga retreat and 3 reasons NOT TO go on a yoga retreat.

3 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

1. to find clarity. the answers to all your crazy life questions are already there. and you'll be amazed at how quickly they start appearing when you step away from distractions and put yourself in a whole new corner of the world, where you see the inner and outer view through a new lens. 

2. to find yourself in nature. nature invites that inner wisdom we just chatted about. adult recess is key to your vitality, soul, qi, prana, whatever you choose to call it. it also instantly boosts your mood and erases fatigue. and, it kinda does all of that about 6000% more when you take daily recess on group yoga travel to an exotic location...  

3. to find connections. it all starts when we can connect to who we really are. we build that strong root, and then we grow connections to everyone and everything around us. this is truly where you find your purpose.

3 reasons to NOT go on a yoga retreat (answered by a yoga retreat) 

1. you can't afford it. yoga retreat's response: perhaps, right now, you truly can't. and that's ok. but in the grander scheme, living life with money as the only currency of your existence is what you can't afford. travel and experiences cost a chunk of change, but the return is priceless. for an adventure now, or just for the future, sketch out a list of things that take your money but don't give that type of priceless value. i promise they're there. you just have to want to see them. 

2. you might be a little afraid of this. yoga retreat's response: GOOD! if you didn't sense that something huge could shift from an adventure like a yoga probably isn't for you. this is the kind of fear that you look in the face and walk towards, because deep down you know it brings evolution and opportunity. it's the stuff that makes you really strong and ready for everything else.   

3. the time isn't right. yoga retreat's response: time is a glorious luxury. it has finally claimed tops over money as the most important thing for so many of us. we can't make up for losses of it, but with the right perspective, we can control how we relate to it, how we spend it, and, with good choices, we kind of can make more of it. what if your mind has spent your whole life just telling you that the time isn't right? that's a fear. see reason number two not to go. and you can't change that history, so let that thought go NOW, and claim your time. weigh your values. it's your life, it's your decision. 

inspired? find your glow: 

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