3 things i learned in mexico

a mexican travel photo journal.

a mess of photos from our spring trip to tulum. but first, a few quick things we learned in mexico:

1. mezcal tastes best from a bar swing. probably, anything does, and when pulling a swing up to the bar is an option, you take that, every time.

2. when seeking directions, if a local tells you to look for a gate, trust that he means 'look for a gate, guys' not 'look for a couple of ropes tied to some tree trunks, guys.' (see photos in sian ka'an gallery below.)

we first thought it was mildly entertaining how lost we got in the mexican seaside jungle. later, we left town and found out from some locals in merida, a larger (and super pleasant) town in the upper yucatan state, how unruly quintana roo is. no one owns it. and everyone wants to control it. and it will be fought over until the guns or drugs win. 

lesson: until next time...don't go wandering unmarked property.

3. you may travel somewhere, and the tsa signs may tell you you CAN carry on duty-free liquor. and so, you may buy three bottles of mezcal.

but these signs are only half-true. properly sealed, and packaged in clear glass, you can carry on as much as you want. but if you want stoneware bottles of mezcal, no. no, those aren't making it through on your carry on. those will sit there at the tsa checkpoint looking all innocent as you yell and carry on to the agent, but he'll just blame mexico.

then, eventually, he'll soften. he'll say it happens all the time and he hates it every time. and when you say 'cool, but what about this time, and right now, and us and, like, our only souvenir?,' he'll say 'i think you have time to check the liquor and make it back through.' we'll argue that no, no we don't, and the only thing worse than losing three bottles of alcohol would be missing our connecting flight.

he'll soften even more, and walk us back to the ticket counter so we can check our liquor. he'll wait for us while we sit on the floor like damn harry and lloyd, bitching and definitely making a scene while trying to figure out how to fit three fragile bottles of liquid into a bag that was never designed to be checked. we'll eventually figure it out. he'll walk us back to the front of the security line and be like 'dumb and dumber were in my line and had to check a bag and i need them back at the front so they don't miss their flight.' 

we'll thank him profusely. he seriously rocked his job. we'll make our flight. but i'll miss a meal, and i'll be a raging beast on the plane because of it. 

lesson: joke was actually on us. that mezcal we fought so hard for is super smoky, and not our favorite. so, if someone wants to build me a bar swing in my kitchen, there's a bottle (or two!) of smoky mezcal in it for you...

gallery #1 | tulum. beaches and bicycles. tourists and...more tourists. that cenote life, though...a girl could get used to that. 

gallery #2 | sian ka'an. a magical biosphere reserve, just a short hitched ride from tulum pueblo. here, there are no crowds at the ruin sites. the locals speak spanish. you take matters into your own hands when you climb the extremely rickety mirador AND when you assume a couple of ropes tied to some trees must be the 'gate' you've been directed to look for to get to the boats that take you to free-float through natural canals... #worthit (seriously. if you're in the vicinity, this is a 100% must do. wear that life vest like a diaper. do it.)

gallery #3 | merida. land of private swimming pools, and lots of alcohol. 

we left tulum in the pursuit of pink lagoons and pink flamingos. you'll find none of the such in this gallery, but it was still a damn splendid good ol' time. 

^ and explore magic corners of the world with us.